Frequently Asked Questions

What is PataDekho?
PataDekho is one-stop local information provider in Jaipur. If you are looking for something specific, or just plain curious to see what’s happening around town, you will find all the answers here. From food joints to entertainment and from Electricians to Plumbers, you will get all the essential info here like contact numbers, landmarks, hours of operation, etc. And that’s not all. You can also browse and post reviews, give ratings, etc. Under PataDekho we create your own business page that will also exist online.

How does all this work?
You will find the more time you spend on PataDekho, the better the answers you get. We want to think you like that - One that helps you to grow. You see, it’s your reviews, your ratings, and your questions that help us to improve. And we are always looking to improve. You can write a little about yourself and upload a pic of your business to make sure others recognize the great reviewer when they see you on the street.

How do I get started?
Ideally, we would like you to take just a minute to register (it’s free) and tell us a bit about yourself. Feel free and type in a few queries about your city, that you never thought you would find answered online. Like the contact information for a mechanic, for example. (Or an electrician, etc).Chances are, you haven’t tried this before, on other search engines. Chances are, you probably didn’t find what you needed. So go ahead and we are pretty sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

How can PataDekho help me?
Like we said earlier, PataDekho knows the city. Just type in the name of the place, location and get the help you need. And it’s the same, from food joints to entertainment and from Electricians to Plumbers; you will get all the essential info here. If you want to know more stuff about your city, just log in PataDekho. And, of course, you can share this information for free!

What about other cities?
Initially we are focusing on Jaipur but after sometime gang are in the process of getting the low down on all the major cities in India. So keep checking in, we will let you know as soon as your city is on the list.

Help! I forgot my password!
First thing, don’t panic. Just click on the ‘Reset password’ link on the top, then check your email or your registered mobile number with us for your new password, and everything will be all right.

How do I get featured on the front page?
PataDekho picks a couple of profiles, everyday, which we consider front page material. The best way to make our own little Hall of fame is to Write loads of genuine reviews, and upload favorite picture of yours.

Will I ever get spam from PataDekho?
Let’s get one thing straight. We hate spam as much as you do. PataDekho only sends you emails/SMSs which YOU ask to receive, or to which you subscribe. So stay tuned.