Company Overview is one of India’s fastest-growing digital platforms for local service need fulfillment in Jaipur, connecting thousands of users and local businesses under one roof in various categories such as restaurants, medical stores, wedding photography, moving-packing, pest control, event planning, Automobiles & auto parts, Confectionery, Hotels, Construction & Real Estate, School & Colleges, Health & fitness, Entertainment Services, etc. is meant to provide fast, free, reliable and accurate information to our users and connect buyers to sellers. Here you can find all answers of your queries like:

  • Where to get best Chinese Food in town?
  • What the contact number of nearest Hotel, Medical Store, Restaurants, etc?
  • Who to call on a Sunday for domestic services like plumbing, electrical work, etc?
  • When things are happening in town?

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Key Highlights

  • Pata Dekho mobile app is available on Android and has location-based services for the mobile Internet users
  • Services offered across Jaipur
  • Experienced management team
  • Large online community for reviews
  • Advanced and innovative technology platform